General Liability Insurance Florida

Are you the manager of a small business in Florida, or are you providing commercial activities in the sunshine state, then you already know that small businesses can from time to time be the target of law suits. The best way to make sure that you are protected against such potentially harmful court cases is to consider a Business General Liability Insurance in Florida.

The following is what you must understand:

Workers’s Compensation Insurance
In Florida, local businesses and commercial enterprises are not obligated by statute to have insurance coverage policies. Nevertheless, there are a number of kinds of insurance protection plans that are mandated. A basic example of such a set of circumstances would apply to any company with a workforce of over 4 people where workers compensation coverage would certainly be a necessity. If your business deals with building and construction, the starting point as for the number of staff members is even less than that, as even a single worker would be sufficient to make workers compensation insurance a must.

Commercial Automobile Insurance
Does your business use cars and trucks for the daily running of their operation? Are cars utilized for business reasons? Then you would undoubtedly need a Florida Commercial Automobile Insurance.

What does Florida Commercial General Liability Insurance Protect?
Liability insurance, a.k.a Commercial General Liability (CGL), addresses four types of events for which you may be held responsible:

  • bodily injury
  • damage to others’ property
  • personal injury, including slander and libel; and false or misleading advertising.

CGL coverage pays for the injured party’s medical expenses. However, it rules out your employees, who would be protected by workers’ compensation.

There are three forms of legal and financial damages consumers may take legal action against you for that are generally covered by a CGL policy:

  1. Compensatory damages resulting from an accidental injury they allege in the litigation.
  2. Non-monetary losses endured by the victim, just like pain and suffering or psychological distress.
  3. Corrective compensations| added fees and charges the defendant will need to pay for.

What is not protected by in Florida Commercial General Liability Insurance?

  1. Unlawful firing of employees
  2. Claims associated with operating a vehicle or truck
  3. Errors and Omissions insurance

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