General Liability Insurance Florida

Do you run a business concern in Florida, or are you providing professional services in the sunshine state, then you already know that companies can at times be the target of lawsuits. The most efficient way to ensure that you have protection against such potentially detrimental legal actions is to think about a Business General Liability Insurance in Florida.

Here is what you must understand:

Workers’s Compensation Insurance plan
In Florida, companies and commercial enterprises are not obligated by statute to carry most forms of insurance policies. Nevertheless, there are several sorts of insurance protection plans that are required. A basic illustration of such a set of circumstances would apply to any company with a staff of over 4 individuals where workers compensation coverage would certainly be a necessity. If your business deals with construction, the starting point as far as the number of staff members is even lower than that, as just a single employee would be enough to mandate workers compensation insurance.

Commercial Automobile Insurance
Does your organisation use cars for the daily running of their operation? Are cars made use of for professional purposes? Then you would certainly need to have a Florida Commercial Automobile Insurance.

What does Florida Commercial General Liability Insurance Cover?
Liability insurance, a.k.a Commercial General Liability (CGL), addresses four types of circumstances for which you may be held responsible:

  • bodily injury
  • damage to others’ property
  • personal injury, including slander and libel; and false or misleading advertising.

CGL coverage pays for the injured party’s medical bills. However, it rules out your employees, who are covered by workers’ comp.

There are three kinds of legal compensations people may sue you for that are typically covered by a CGL policy:

  1. Financial losses suffered by the injured party resulting from an incident they state in the court action.
  2. General damages ors injuries.
  3. Punitive damages| added penalties and costs you will need to pay for.

What is not covered by Florida Commercial General Liability Insurance?

  1. Religion and gender-specific lawsuits
  2. Claims associated with handling motor vehicle or van
  3. Faulty service protection

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